For USD 100.000 prize money we are searching for a CFD and Forex Trading World Champion 2017.

1 JANUARY 2017 – 11pm CET

The event of the year for CFD and Forex Traders around the world!

Launch yourself into a new dimension via a professional CFD and Forex contest – powered by ActivTrades, the prestigious Online Broker from London.

You only need one registration to participate simultaneously in three riveting CFD and Forex trading contests and to enjoy the opportunity to win fantastic cash prizes.

Are you our next CFD or Forex Trading World Champion in 2017?

You will be awarded a prize of USD 100,000! The world’s ten best traders will automatically qualify for the momentous final at the Marriott AC Forum Hotel in Barcelona from January through October.

And our VIP finalist: A Wildcard winner…

Flights and accommodation: Included!

What does Giovanni think? That it’s great!

The famous professional trader Giovanni Cicivelli from Berlin has been working the market for 18 years and really likes the inveus Trading Awards! Giovanni’s USP is to the point:

‘Everything revolves around the finals in Barcelona, where 11 traders from all corners of the world will be going head to head with totally different strategies and tactical approaches. For two weeks and up to 24 hours a day, they’ll be fighting for the trophy with real money.’

We are very pleased that Giovanni Cicivelli has agreed to be our Trading Awards ambassador. Every month of the qualification, he will present a webinar from the perspective of a professional day trader and introduce the finalists and their successes. Needless to say, Giovanni will also be in Barcelona for the finals and will congratulate the brand new Trading World Champion on December 15, 2017 at 11 p.m. CET!
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EUR 9.90/month. From 1 March 2017 – cancellable monthly.

Participation in January and February 2017 is free! You don’t take any risk and you can qualify for the grand final already in January and February at no cost. From 1 March 2017 the subscription will cost 9.90 EUR per month and can be cancelled afterwards at any time.


The inveus Trading Awards comprise a CFD contest package that includes 3 contests:

  1. Trading World Cup (main contest)
  2. Swing Challenge (ancillary contest)
  3. EA Challenge (ancillary contest)

You can trade in each contest separately; however, participation in the ancillary contests is contingent upon participation in the main contest – the Trading World Cup. All trading activities will be conducted with the trading platform MetaTrader 4, which can be locally installed or used on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets; there is also a browser-based web edition.

You will trade via a virtual trading account with virtual start-up capital of USD 10,000 per contest. CFDs on indices, commodities and Forex will be available for trading.

In the main contest final, trading will be done in real money accounts, into which USD 10,000 has been deposited. A separate prize will be offered for each contest. For the ancillary contests, the organiser offers the respective winners the option to trade in the respective cash prize for a different alternative, which may be more worthwhile. In addition to the contests, the organizer will offer a variety of specials that yield genuine added values for CFD and Forex traders.

From 01 February 2017 participation will cost 9.90 EUR per month (incl. VAT) and can be cancelled any time to the end of the month. Participation in January and February 2017 is free.

Three contests. One registration. Powered by MetaTrader 4. Trade wherever and whenever!


USD 100,000 for the Trading World Champion


You are a Forex and/or CFD trader on Indices and Commodities with a virtual USD 10,000 start-up capital based trading account. To automatically qualify for the final from December 1 to 15 at the AC Forum Hotel in Barcelona, you simply have to present the highest equity amount in your account once between January and October.

Every time a new calendar month begins, your account is automatically reset to the start-up capital amount. Hence, you have a total of 10 chances to qualify and become the World Trading Champion!

First and foremost, you have to register – the first month (January 2017) is free. As soon as you have completed this step, ActivTrades will send you an email with a link, from which you will be able to download your trading platform – MetaTrader 4. In the same email, you will also receive the access data for your virtual trading account – complete with start-up capital of USD 10,000. You can start trading CFDs at 0.01 am CET on January 1, 2017: Indices, commodities and of course Forex securities are available.

The qualification phase

To qualify for the finals, you will have to generate the highest equity in your virtual trading account ONCE between January and October. The equity will be determined on the second-to-last calendar day of each month. If you lose 50% of your start-up capital, your trading account will be frozen. In this case, you can wait for the reset in the new calendar month or you can have your trading account unfrozen immediately if you pay a release fee of EUR 9.90.

Every time a new calendar month begins, the deposit balance is reset to the start-up capital of USD 10,000. Hence, you have a total of 10 chances to qualify as the best trader for the final. If you achieve this feat, we will contact you right away and invite you to participate in the great showdown in Spain. Of course we hope that you will have the time and that you will join us. If you can’t make it, we will ask the trader who came in second.

Showdown. The Real Money Final!

rollup_inveus_101116_c.inddWe will pay for our finalists’ flights (Economy) and hotel accommodation (AC Forum, Barcelona). All 10 finalists and one wildcard winner will be trading in a trading room we have leased. The wildcard winner will be drawn in November. Each finalist will be given separate access to a trading account that has a balance of USD 10,000 in real cash in it. That’s the start-up capital. Our 11 finalists will be able to trade during official trading hours – whenever and as often as they want to – from December 1, 2017 at 8 am through to December 15, 2017 at 11 pm. The equity loss limit in the deposit account is the same as it was during the qualification phase – 50%. Any finalist who reaches the loss limit is disqualified. The trader who retains the highest equity in his trading account on 12/15/2017 at 11 pm CET will win the contest and will be crowned the 2017 inveus Trading World Champion!

He (or she) will have earned a huge reward: USD 100,000 in prize money plus all the profits traded above and beyond the start-up capital. All other finalists will receive a total of 50% of their traded profits, provided they have generated profits. The event organiser will assume the loss risk. During the time we spend together at the final, we will offer fantastic events – for instance a sight seeing trip or a traditional evening sharing a Paella.


USD 10,000 for the Swing Champion!


The Swing Challenge contest will determine the best discretionary trader who can go all the way. During this challenge, the trading account is not reset once throughout the Main Event, which begins on January 1 and ends on December 15, 2017 – so trading results are tracked across the entire trading year.

The trader with the highest Profit Factor after closing a minimum of 25 trades in his or her virtual trading account at the end of the contest will win the contest and will be crowned Swing Champion!


USD 5,000 for the best Trading Robot


The EA Challenge offers every developer of fully automated trading systems the opportunity to send a trading robot (Expert Advisor) of his or her choice to the race on MetaTrader 4. As with the main contest, this event runs from 1 January until 15 December 2017.

The Expert Advisor developer whose robot generates the highest equity in his or her trading account by the end of the contest will win and be crowned our first inveus EA Champion.


The inveus Trading Awards offer you a whole lot more than just three trading contests. Here you can find all of the highlights that will make your contest package complete.

#1 Wildcard

If you have not been able to qualify for the final in the Trading World Cup, you still have another opportunity: the Wildcard may render you eligible to participate as the 11th finalist in the Trading World Cup final!

Learn more …

#2 StereoTrader

The new StereoTrader trading platform does not merely expand MetaTrader – it actually sets completely new standards. As an exclusive offer available only in conjunction with the Trading Awards, you will receive a free trial version for 60 days!

Learn more …

#3 Rewards

Referring friends can be profitable for you: for every participant who registered thanks to your recommendation, you will receive another entry for the Wildcard draw.

Learn more …

#4 Webinars

It’s showtime! Only participants of the Trading Awards will have access to interesting videos and insightful webinars for beginners and pros.

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#5 Webcast

The Trading World Cup 2017 final will be broadcast as a webcast. As a participant, you will be able to watch the showdown of the 11 finalists in Barcelona LIVE and free of charge!

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#6 Charity

Many traders are very prosperous. However, many other people are not that lucky. That’s why we as traders want to help people who are in dire situations. Hence, we have partnered with HelpDirect, Germany’s first online portal for donations.

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Without an excellent broker you will not win a single trading contest around the world …


ActivTrades Plc is domiciled in downtown London and is “Financial Conduct Authority” (FCA) authorised and regulated. ActivTrades was established in Switzerland in 2001 and has evolved into a renowned brokerage enterprise for CFD and Forex trading over the past 15 years. The enterprise offers premium services to institutional and private traders.

ActivTrades customers are undertaking Forex and CFDs transactions with low margin requirements. The platforms work with the latest routing and risk technologies and provide live pricing data along with a wide range of markets. The online brokerage firm is proud of the excellent execution speed it can guarantee.

Through the powerful and universally accredited platforms MetaTrader 4 and 5, customers gain access to trading options featuring more than 50 currency pairings on the currency market and a spread starting at 0.7 pips as well as gold, silver, oil, indices, individual stocks and other commodities.

ActivTrades clients reap the benefits of a vast selection of premium tools and market analyses, such as SmartOrder, Autochartist, VPS-Service, Molanis and more. The broker hosts free webinars to prepare clients for their trading activities and to familiarise them with all products and services. Moreover, the enterprise organises complimentary live trading seminars in various European metropolises.

ActivTrades assists clients with an international team of competent, multilingual staff members, professional consulting services and personal customer service support over the phone. The order desk works 24 hours a day, five days a week, to provide uninterrupted service during the trading week.

Leverage products frequently come with high capital risks. ActivTrades PLC is authorised and regulated by the British Financial Conduct Authority, which regulates the company’s activities. The enterprise is also registered as a border-crossing provider with the German BaFin under ID number 119839.


What do you get for your money?

  • Three contests: Trading World Cup | Swing Challenge | EA Challenge.
  • Max. 10 opportunities to qualify for the final of the Trading World Cup in Barcelona. Flights & Accommodation included!
  • The free StereoTrader trial version. The ingenious trading platform that sets new standards in CFD trading.
  • The Wildcard draw. Travel to the showdown in Spain free of charge and become our 11th finalist!
  • The Webinars. Our video and webinar package gives you true added value for your trading activities.
  • The Webcast. Even if you’re not a finalist, you can be there live every day as the 11 finalists battle for the title!
  • Charity. Turn your participation into a donation for people in great distress and support projects all over the world.

EUR 9.90 per month.

From 1 March 2017 – cancellable monthly.

Participation in January and February 2017 is free! You don’t take any risk and you can qualify for the grand final already in January and February at no cost! From 1 March 2017 the subscription will cost 9.90 EUR per month and can be cancelled afterwards at any time.

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